One Dentist for Your Whole Family

By Michael S. Tosatti, D.M.D.
October 04, 2017
Category: Oral health
Tags: family dentistry  

The members of your family are different ages, with different interests and different needs when it comes to their health. It can feel like a restorative dentistryfull-time job keeping all of their unique activities and appointments in order. But what if you could consolidate some of that chaos? By choosing a family dentist like Dr. Michael Tosatti or Dr. Samantha Matus in Berlin, CT, everyone in your household can have the same dentist who still keeps their individual needs in mind. More information about the benefits of a family dentist is here!

What is a family dentist?

Your Berlin family dentist's title will tell you exactly where his expertise lies: caring for the teeth and gums of a wide range of people, from infants to seniors, all of whom have different dental needs. During their medical schooling, many dentists choose to pursue a specific branch of dentistry, such as endodontics (the inner structures of the teeth) or oral surgery. Family dentistry, Dr. Tosatti's specialty, provides specific training for the growth and development of children's teeth, as well as the needs of young and older adults.

What can a family dentist do?

Simply put: a lot! Starting with children at the age of one, your Berlin family dentist can begin monitoring the growth of their teeth and make any suggestions for good oral hygiene practices at home. These visits acclimate kids to the dental office environment and lets them get to know Dr. Tosatti and his staff so they - and you! - can feel more comfortable about their appointments. Having a family dentist also means that you don't have to try to schedule one appointment for your toddler, another for your teenager, and still more for yourself and your spouse at different locations and different times. Our scheduling staff can set you up with all the appointments you need in one day, eliminating the need to take extra time off of work and school. You can also be assured that we offer many different ways to treat adult-specific dental issues, including restorations and ongoing problems like gum disease.

If you're ready to make the switch to the convenience of a family dentist, you can start by contacting Dr. Tosatti's office in Berlin, CT today!


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