Get a Vibrant Smile Quickly

By Michael S. Tosatti, D.M.D.
June 16, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Need a brilliant smile before the big day? Professional teeth whitening is the answer.teeth whitening

You are getting ready to say your “I Dos”, but before you do you really want to get a whiter smile. No problem! Our Berlin, CT, cosmetic dentists, Dr. Michael Tosatti and Dr. Samantha Matus, can easily get your smile ready for the big day with professional in-office teeth whitening.

How does professional in-office teeth whitening work?

In order to get a whiter smile through our professional whitening system this involves applying a bleaching gel over the front of your teeth. This high-quality gel contains carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, the two popular active ingredients best known for breaking up dental stains and brightening smiles quickly.

While the whitening kits at your local drugstore may also be able to help break up stains with time, our Berlin dentist’s whitening gel contains a higher percentage of these active ingredients, so you know you’ll see results after just one session.

What should I know before I get teeth whitening?

It’s important that you understand how this treatment works, as it can be great for many people looking to brighten their smiles but it’s not right for everyone. Before you choose to get whitening, understand that:

Teeth whitening only removes stains from the outer surface of your teeth. These are stains caused by a diet high in stain-producing foods and drinks like wine, coffee, tomatoes and berries, as well as smoking. Of course, you may also just find that your teeth have started to yellow and dull as a result of getting older. These stains will respond the best to our professional system.

Internal dental stains will not respond to professional teeth whitening. This can be frustrating. While these stains, often caused by trauma or certain medications, may respond a bit to treatment, it’s actually best to consider other cosmetic alternatives like dental veneers or crowns to cover stained teeth.

Teeth whitening also won’t be able to brighten preexisting dental work like fillings, crowns or bridges. If you want to improve the radiance of these restorations you’ll want to talk to us about replacing them.

If you are ready to flash those pearly whites for the big day (or perhaps just because you want to give your smile a little cosmetic boost) then call our Berlin, CT, cosmetic dental office to find out more about this cosmetic treatment and schedule your consultation.


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